I am Fred van den Bosch. Since 2011 I live in a small village near Nha Trang, Vietnam, with
Minh and our two German Shepard dogs Bugi and Ruby. First something about myself.

I have worked for more then 35 years in ICT. During that time I did almost everything in that
field: programming, mainly in COBOL, worked shortly as system-analyst, many years as
system-designer and information analyst, one year research in AI and the last 10 years as
consultant. I am now retired so I have a lot of time for.....

Weather satellites

For more than 30 years I am a member of the Dutch "Werkgroep Kunstmanen"
(Workgroup Artificial Moons). In the beginning I received signals with a BC603 and a
FET-converter. Then other activities became more important but the interest remained.
So around 2003 I started again. First with receiving the polar satellites and later Meteosat. The results can be seen on the satellite pages. Because of my back-ground in ICT I also started  automating the whole process. At the moment the whole system is processing unattended.

The satellite images also made me become interested in the weather. So I started late 2004 with combining satellite images and meteorological information. How this looks can be viewed on the weather pages.

Many years ago I had a couple of bikes. Since I live in Vietnam, I bought a bike again. Here the stories about them.


I am interested in Asia since I was about 8 years old. In that period I stayed a couple of times by a family who lived in Indonesia for many years. They told me stories and showed me pictures. They taught me some Bahasa Indonesia and I learned a lot of the culture. Later I visited Indonesia a couple of times and also worked there for some time.

In 1997 I visited Vietnam for the first time. It was a real experience to visit the places from which I already knew the names from the tv-broadcasts of the war. After that first time I went 2 more times, to join Tet (the Vietnamese New Year) and to visit more places.

In the beginning of 1999 I decided to take a sabbatical leave. Because I already met my present wife I decided to spend that half year in Vietnam. I rented a house in Ho Chi Minh City. I worked for some time teaching and giving massages in a large massage-salon. September 2000 my partner came to Holland too. February 2011 we moved to Vietnam. We have a house "in the middle of nowhere" and since July 2011 we live there.

A short introduction
Preparing a presentation
Preparing a presentation

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