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Groups and forums
Werkgroep Kunstmanen "The "Werkgroep Kunstmanen" ( workgroup man-made moons ) was founded in 1973 and its aim is to propagate the observation of "kunstmanen" with the aid of visual, radio frequency, or by other means".
GEO: Group for Earth Observation. This is a site for all the people who are interested in receiving weather satellites and want to make a receiving station by theirselves.
RIG Remote Imaging Group (a "sleeping group")
APTDecoder Forum for users of APTDecoder
ATOVS Forum for users of ATOVS data
AVHRR Forum for users of AVHRR data
DWDSAT Forum for users of DWDSAT data
GEO Subscribers Forum for members of GEO
GEONETCast For those interested in the GEONETCast system
METOP Forum for users of METOP data
MSG-1 Forum for users of MSG weather satellites
Satsignal Forum for programs of David Taylor
Weather satellite reports News and reports about operational aspects of weather satellites
WXtoImg Forum for the users of this program
Xrit2pic Forum for programs of Rob Alblas

David Taylor Weather Satellite Software. These are the programs I use for receiving Meteosat.
Rob Alblas Weather satellite related hardware and software for Linux and Windows.
WXtoImg A weather satellite (WXsat) signal to image decoder. I use it for decoding APT-signals.
APTDecoder  A freeware signal to image decoder.
3DEM Software for Terrain Visualization and Flyby Animation

R2FX The receiver I use for mobile purposes

Eumetsat Europ's meteorological satellite agency.
LSA SAF Land Surface Analysis Satellite Applications Facility
OSI SAF Ocean & Sea Ice Satellite Applications Facility

Home stations
Ferdinand Valk Site with lot of images
Les Hamilton A site with lot of images and programs.
Gerald Ihninger Satellite images and software
Alan Banks Satellite images and astronomy
Ruud Jansen Antennas
Dale Hardy Satellite images and space
Nicola Sebastiani Lots of images and maps
John Coppens Satellite images, antennas and software
Andrew Hall Satellite images and weather
Paul-Jan van Gils Satellite images
Robert Denton Satellite images and info about Bulgaria

Groups and forums
Digital Atmosphere Forum for users of Digital Atmosphere, WXSIM, RAOB and PCGRIDDS32
Weather Display Forum for users of Weather Display


Digital Atmosphere A weather analysis program for Windows. I use it with satellite images as background.
Weather Display The program I use for displaying my weather station.
WXSIM This is a software package for modelling, forecasting, or simply studying weather.
MeteoKit Software (freeware) for downloading maps from a lot of sites.

La Crosse Weather stations

Buien radar Dutch site with almost real time radar
Hurricanes Site with information about hurricanes
National Hurricane Center More information about hurricanes
Weer startpagina Dutch Starting page for weather sites

Home stations
Meteo Maarsen Site with lot of information

Professional weather programs
Ninjo Work station
Diana A Linux program
PraPro browsing tools

Startpagina Vietnam A page with a lot of links to Vietnamese sites.
Mrs Ngoc Anh The massage-salon I worked for some time. It's one of the most professional salons I ever visited. A must to visit! See also my webpage.
ExpatExchange Site with information for expats.
Viet in Holland A site for Vietnamese in Holland.
Saigon Times  Minh writes articles for this weekly economic magazine.

Web Builder This is a HTML-generator, used for building this site.
FreeMind A freeware Mind Map program I use for documentation.
PUM This is an organization of senior-experts in almost every possible field. Small and medium organisations in development countries can start a project and hire an expert. The organization only pays for the hotel and food of the expert, all other costs like flight ticket etc. are paid by PUM. I am also a member of PUM.
Astroforum For who is interested in astronomy  (in Dutch)

Links to free online studies from universities. Some of them provide courses in the above fields.
Academic earth Free video courses from leading universeties
University of Arizona
Berkeley For i-tunes
Carnegie Mellon University

CORE China Open Resources for Education
Free Knowledge Institute  Free courses in Open Source software
Fulbright Open courseware
JOCW Japan Open Course Ware
John Hopkins
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Notre Dame
Open Universiteit Nederland
Open courseware finder
Stanford For i-tunes
Open University UK
Unesco IIEP International Institute for Educational Planning
Utah State University

Family & friends
Professional Support Solutions Organizing projects & temporarily replacement


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