How to get a Vietnamese motor license

Since February 2009 it is forbidden for foreigners to drive a motor bike. There are a few solutions.

Temporary license
If you have a motor license from your own country you can get a temporary license on the embassy. This temporary license is valid for the time your visa is valid. It requires some forms, official translation and validating of them. This will take some time. The costs are unknown. In general: not an option for a holiday.

Vietnamese motor license
If you live in Vietnam or often returns it is a good idea to get a Vietnamese motor license. This is easier than it sounds, also if your knowledge of the Vietnamese language is poor. With some help and some tricks (see below) you can learn the theory within some days. The costs are about 400.000 VND (2009) (about 20 ).

I bought 2 theory books. One I used to make notes, translations and to mark the right answers, the other remained empty to test myself.

Multiple choice questions 1-50 (7 questions in the exam)
Follow the below rules in the given sequence.

Learn all questions with a number in the question or answer. This is possible because all combinations are unique. If no number:

"Ca" or "Tat Ca" in the answer
-   this is always the right answer
-   exception 
  - 2

"Khong" in first 3 words
-   this is always the right answer
-   exceptions
  - 18: 2* Khong = longest
  - 30: Khong + Tat Ca = Tat Ca
  - 48: Khong + 20 = 20

"Cao Toc" in question
-   always answer nr 1

If none of the above
-   take the longest answer.

Questions that will not pass all the above:
-   10
-   31
-   35
-   36
-   45
Just learn to recognize these.

Traffic signs 51 - 80 (5 questions in the exam)
Learn to recognize some important words like cam, duong, uu tien etc. With this you can answer almost all questions.

Situations 81 - 100 (3 questions in the exam)
Just learn them. Not difficult.
-   questions with traffic lights (82 and 88) always answer nr.1
-   92 = 1

You must drive around a painted "8" in a lane of about 70 cm. After that you drive in a long lane of 70 cm. wide, than a lane with some stripes in it that you must avoid and finally over some  bumps.
Advise here is to use the 3rd. gear.

Good luck!

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