POVIM Presentation Manager

The activities around weather satellites consist of many different and often separate and
independent programs. This often results in a messy system where it's difficult to find files
and automate processes.

POVIM is developed to provide a structured and integrated environment. POVIM stands
for Product Oriented Video, Images and Maps.

The first part of POVIM is to structure the whole process. This is done by defining a
structured environment, structured names and structured procedures. After this the whole
process can run fully automatically. With such an environment it is easy to add new programs and procedures without disturbing the whole process. Articles in "GEO Quarterly" and "De Kunstmaan" describe this process.

The whole program is rewritten in Delphi. In this way I had the chance to develop a new way of presenting the products. The functions of the original program were used as the basic for the new program. Below is the final and implemented functionality.

POVIM Presentation Manager
POVIM PM integrates all the separate programs. POVIM PM consists of 2 parts: the Product Manager and the Presentation Manager and offers the following possibilities:

Product Manager
- create your own products and where they are stored
- a wizard for easy defining products
- add 3 selection fields to your own choice
- combine same type of products into groups e.g. Oceans, Hurricanes, Europe etc.
- a product can be
   - generated: there is already an image
   - to-generate: make the image during   presenting
   - a group: a couple generated / to-generate
- define all the programs you use for weather satellites and weather watching.

Presentation Manager
- selecting up to 20 products from a list of products
- present them in thumbnails: 2, 6, 12 or 20 on the screen
- synchronized scrolling in steps of 15 or 60 minutes
- synchronize the time with a button or automatically
- setting the time with a slider
- call your favorite photo viewer to see the images on full screen
- use all the options of your photo viewer like zoom, scroll and print
- make a slideshow of all images in one folder (only with IrfanView: hardcoded functionality)
- display generated images or generate the image "on the flow"
- always display the latest received image depending on the selected time
- display images (jpg, bmp,gif) video (avi, mpeg) and maps(jpg, bmp,gif) from e.g. Digital Atmosphere
  (due to limitations of Delphi png and tiff are not possible)
- start satellite- or weather program or go to a specific internet site.

When is this program useful
For who is this program meant? POVIM PM is useful for everybody using programs for generating images from weather satellites of weather programs and wants to maintain and view them in an easy and structured way.

Download POVIM Presentation Manager ( (1,1 Mb)
Install the files in a suitable folder. If you still use the old VisualBasic version, first uninstall this version or install this new version in a different folder.

Update POVIM Presentation Manager ( (0,7 Mb).
Use this update when you already used a previous version.

Version history
- new: automatic sync-option has a default of 15 minutes
- new: option for 6 thumbnails added
- new: added automated sync-option in xx minutes
- new: producttype 'group' removed
- new: added option to backup database
- new: check on tiff, ppm and gif (not supported)
- new: if minute <> 0 or 5 then search periodicity = 1 min.
- new: Context-sensitive Help added
- new: add scrollbars if screen resolution < 1280 * 960
- new: slideshow loops now to view short shows easier (stop with Esc) (1st. Beta version)
- fixed: screen "select Products", select tables were not updated
- new: screen "select Products", added a button <select all>
- fixed: screen "select Products", older presented products still visible
- new: date/time on main screen formatted
- new: most programs of David Taylor added to wizard
- new: color in date fields
  - no color: < 1 hour old
  - light red: 1-3 hours old
  - middle red: 3-6 hours old
  - darker red: > 6 hours
  - blue: previous day(s)
- new: description "search periodicity" 1 and 5 minutes added
- fixes: slideshow: no images when folders has yy\mm\.. structure
- new: give warning if selected > 20
- fixes: make selected '0' on clear button
- fixes: startup not filled again after adding new Products
- fixes: startup not filled again after adding new programs
- new: slideshow now 2 options: all and today
- several lay-out improvements
- some internal improvements

- screen Products centered
- added lookup for field Viewer
- wizard for adding new products
- Programs: added a field with how-to-write Program-names of David Taylor
- Group functionality
- selection fields added
- separate screen for selecting products, based on selection fields
- separate field for quick selection of products
- idem for groups
- files added to a database (first remove all present files)
- new setup screen
- new programs option
- new products option
- added possibility to use products whit e.g. "-" or "/" in the filename
- added possibility to use filenames without hhnn (e.g. animations per day).
- different type of products: generated, to-generate and video
- some internal improvements.
- Help-file added (file is the same as old PM, not yet updated)
- About-screen added
- some internal improvements
- layout changes on main screen
First Alpha version. A lot of the functionality of the Presentation Manager is already implemented. The Product Manager is very basic. There is the possibility to add 20 products. Central part of the product name must be date/time in yymmddhhnn - format.


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