Welcome on the website of Fred van den Bosch. The site contains some of my main interests:

Weather satellites
For more then 30 years I am interested in weather satellites. You can here find some of the images I received on a daily basis.

This will show the results of my Davis weather station. The output of Digital Atmosphere is presented here too.

Some information about motorbikes in general and my motorbike in particular.

Here you will find photo's from some countries I visited in Asia.
Main subject is Vietnam: the country where I live now. This includes some information about a couple of cities in Vietnam like Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi and Nha Trang.

For the weather satellites I made some special programs. You can download them as freeware.

I just started playing with the Arduino. See here the projects.

A couple of useful scripts and procedures.


After a long time I am working again on my website. That means that some parts are still

I hope it will be finished before the end of Q2 2015.

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