Polar orbital satellites: APT
On this and the following pages I show photo's from the APT polar satellites on 137 Mhz.

For these photo's I used my homestation. The images are automatically uploaded. It's done on an irregular base: this is not a 24/7 service (but I try...).

Test WAV-files
On this page are 2 WAV-files you can use for testing your satellite program.

My equipment
A short description of the equipment I use.

Home installation
- R2FX receiver
- PADAT QFH-antenne .
- WXtoImg for decoding the signals

Mobile equipment
- R2FX receiver
- Pita-137 QFH-antenna
- Acer notebook
- WXtoImg for decoding the signals

WxToImg offers a lot of enhancements. On this page you will find a description.
- WXtoImg for decoding the signals

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