Here you can download 2 WAV-files you can use for testing your satellite program.

WXtoImg allows recording audio files with 8-bit or 16-bit. The advantage of 8-bit is the
smaller file size, while 16-bit gives better quality. The author of WXtoImg advises 16-bits.

For checking the difference in quality I recorded a file with both options. And for a proper
comparison, I have done this with one PC and one pass. My receiving station was: a
PADAT antenna, a R2FX receiver and an Acer laptop. The signals are recorded and
decoded with WXtoImg.

You can download the files, decode them and see the difference.

The photo is the result of the 16-bits file.

Download the WAV-files (24,5 Mb.).

090729 1428 noaa-18 msa
090729 1428 noaa-18 msa

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